When you need trustworthy legal guidance, turn to Texas native Gary Bennett.

An Experienced Attorney Facilitating Smooth, Successful Commercial Transactions

If your commercial entity is preparing to solidify a deal or confirm a mutually beneficial relationship with another business, you naturally want to get it right. You rightly realize that legal advice may help you avoid pitfalls and maximize opportunities for success and profit. An experienced commercial transaction attorney at The Bennett Law Firm in Dallas can get your purchase, sale, lease or any legal transaction off to a good start and successfully concluded.

Attorney Gary Bennett brings a depth of knowledge accumulated through more than four decades of law practice in Texas. He has served as a judge, lobbied government entities and contributed in countless ways to religious, civic and professional organizations. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the community and puts his talents to work on behalf of commercial clients and others.

How Legal Counsel Can Promote The Goals Of Your Commercial Transactions

You may need to buy, sell or lease a commercial property, such as a building or industrial facility. You may plan to buy or sell raw or manufactured goods, services or stocks in your company. Whatever transaction you are preparing to carry out, your attorney can help with aspects such as the following:

  • Contract drafting, negotiating and formalizing written agreements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Representation and direction in negotiations and formalization
  • Signing and formalizing deals

Mr. Bennett is available to act as your strong advocate with a close eye on essential details that you might otherwise overlook. He can help you carry out your objectives in full compliance with all legal requirements. He can advise you on insurance, taxation and other details as your company prepares to:

  • Buy another business or be acquired by another business
  • Buy or sell goods and services to or from other businesses (B2B)
  • Sell or lease goods to consumers (B2C)

Through every step of the process, Mr. Bennett can help ensure a smooth transaction and help you avoid personal liability to the greatest extent possible.

What Commercial Transaction Do You Need Help With In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

Are you planning to hire a company to move a building from one location to another? Your contract must be detailed and comprehensive. Do you need help revising commercial leases that your tenants will soon re-sign? Whatever transaction is next on the agenda for your business, Mr. Bennett can relieve your worries and protect your interests.

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